Architecture: Design Solutions

Great Architecture does not only create a sense of appeal to the eyes of the onlooker, it also stimulates an experience in the mind of the observer. A well designed building or space has the ability to transform people, groups and entire communities.

At 3DMatic Atelier LLC, our collaborative approach to design results in environmental-friendly designs that capture and balance all the elements of form, function and appeal. We deliver groundbreaking design solutions that address both the pragmatic needs of our clients and the critical needs of a sustainable world.

We specialize in:

 Architectural Consultancy

Precontract, Contract and Post Contract Services

 Photorealistic 3D Visualization

 Interior Design

 Conceptual design and schematics

 Presentation drawings and layouts

 Construction

 Construction documentation and coordination

 Project scheduling

 Renovation

Our strongest assets are our people and we go great lengths to ensure we are always equipped for all facets of the job. Innovation, teamwork, trust and workplace enjoyment are defining qualities of our company operations. Our aim is to provide the qualified expertise, experience and capability to complete projects for government and private clients on time, within budget and right to the detail.

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